The PV Body/Ellie Experiment Revealed?

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by Ellie/PV Body for the referrals that I made in November. I was not compensated (obviously) to make this video. Ellie told me that it was not their intention to start their own line when they first debuted PV Body. A former employee told me otherwise in an anonymous email. I’m not sure who I believe and I encourage you to form your own opinion.
I emailed the author of PandoDaily article. I asked him if Ellie was the plan all along and he responded, “I can’t answer that explicitly, because I don’t really know what the team planned behind closed doors.”
He added that:
“I think what you’re experiencing here is the cost of doing business with a startup. It’s also what makes it fun supporting new companies. Changes happen, problems happen. It’s to be expected. But it’s also why you were able to get a great deal on a few month’s worth of name brand items and now get access to a reasonably high quality new brand at low prices.

Building a company and brand to compete with Lululemon, et al, is incredibly difficult. I don’t think the Ellie guys are trying to be deceitful or manipulative. They’re just trying to figure out a model that works. Don’t expect them to be perfect from day one.”