Here’s a new chicken meal prep recipe for you! You will have 7 new absolutely delicious meals ready in less than 30 minutes!

This IS NOT an AUTHENTIC Indian Recipe!
This IS a “High Fat”, “Simple”, “Meal Prep” Recipe…
If you are new to this channel, we make meal prep videos for a variety of peoples needs and diets.
If you are not familiar with “flexible dieting” or “IIFYM”, please google it!
If you do not understand the benefits of “high fat low carb lifestyle” please google that as well!

To our AWESOME fans that tried this recipe with an open mind – thank you!!! We LOVE and APPRECIATE YOU! And we look forward to continuing to help you on your journey!!HOW TO STORE/REHEAT THESE
1. These are meant to be eaten one a day, mixed in with your other daily food. Save 3 in your fridge and then store the rest in the freezer.
2. To take out of the freezer… take one out the night before and keep in the fridge to thaw. Reheat in a covered saute pan. Or eat cold 🙂 We aren’t fans of the microwave, but you can use it if you’re desperate.
4 lbs (1.8 kilos) of chicken thighs
1 yellow onion
6 garlic cloves
1 cup basmati rice (2 cups if you’re bulking)
1.5 cups water (3 cups in you’re bulking)
4 tbls coconut oil
1 small can (13.5 oz/400ml) coconut milk
1.5 tbls cumin
1.5 tbls chili powder
1.5 tbls garam masala
1 tbls tumeric
1 tbls ground ginger
1/2 tbls sea salt
2 sticks (16 tbls/220g) unsalted butter
1 cup tomato puree