This salmon meal prep is so delicious with the quinoa, pesto and bell peppers! Can eat cold or reheat in a pan. Try mixing everything together when you reheat – it’s AMAZING.
And yes, you can double the recipe and put more in the freezer. Just be aware to not eat more than 4 in a week, as the FDA says you should only eat 12 oz of fish every week due to inescapable mercury.1/2 cup quinoa
1 cup water
4 bell peppers
(4) 3 oz pieces of salmon
2 tbls raw almonds
2 cups basil
2 tbls parmigiano cheese
1 tbls lemon juice
dash salt/pepper
2 garlic cloves
1/4 cup oil
2 cups arugula (or any leafy green)


MACROS per container:
Calories: 460
Fat: 30
Carbohydrates: 27
Protein: 25