How NOT To Gain Weight Over The Holidays | #5/12 Days of VLOGMAS 2017

Avoid gaining weight his holiday season. Here are my top 5 tips to not gain weight for #5 12 Days of Vlogmas 2017 with SarahFit.
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I never advocate for losing weight over the holidays but maintaining is easy if you follow these 5 steps. Avoid holiday weight gain by following my tips. Eat breakfast and lunch, especially days you have a holiday party after work! Follow my “here and now” rule. HYRDRATE! Make an appointment to exercise so you don’t blow it off. Practice self love!!!!! I hope you enjoy this special video as part of Vlogmas 2017. This is harder than I thought and I can’t wait to share with you guys what else I’m doing this Christmas season. These holiday eating tips are just a few of my favorite ways to avoid weight gain over the holidays.