I’m pretty sure there’s over 100 different hot pockets you can choose from, but I’m only going to make 4. I mean you get the point. You take whatever food combination you can think up, stuff it in bread and die of loneliness. We’re going to show you how to put effort into hating yourself with the ham and cheese, philly steak, meatball and pepperoni hot pockets.

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Ham & Cheese
257 Calories Per Hot Pocket
Prep: 2 min Bake: 15 min

Pepperoni Pizza
222 Calories Per Hot Pocket
Prep: 2 min Bake: 15 min

Philly Steak
326 Calories Per Hot Pocket
Prep: 2 min Bake: 15 min

Meatball Mozzarella
272 Calories Per Hot Pocket
Prep: 2 min Bake: 15 min

• Seamless Pillsbury Dough Sheets (to get that flaky crust)
• Mozzarella Cheese
• Cheddar Cheese
• Parmesan Cheese
• 1 Part Marinara + 1 Part Tomato Paste
• Green Peppers
• Onions
• Butter
• Dried Italian Seasoning
• Pepperoni
• Mini Meatballs (I got mine from a spaghettios can)
• Ham
• Steak-Ummm


1. Roll out the seamless Pillsbury Dough Sheets and cut them into quarters. This will make 4 hot pockets.

2. Fill each one with your appropriate meat, cheese, vegetable whatever

3. Fold the dough over and seal them shut.

4. Brush the tops with whatever you want. I used melted butter and garlic combination along with some oregano for the pizza and meatballs. For the Philly Steak & Ham I brushed melted butter and garlic combination with Parmesan Cheese.

5. Bake each Hot Pocket at 400°F for 15 minutes.

6. Let your pocket cool before inserting into mouth to avoid third degree burns.

Nutrition Facts:

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