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This recipe will show you how to make fried cream cheese cheddar jalapeño chips & fried blue cheese stuffed olives with an incredible homemade style marinara dipping sauce.

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Cheesy Fried Jalapeño Chips
250 Calories Per 10 Chips
Prep: 20 min Cook: 5 min
Mezzetta Jalapeño Pepper Chips
Mezzetta Homemade Style Marinara
1 Part Cream Cheese
1 Part Cheddar Cheese
All Purpose Flour
Vegetable Oil

In a microwave safe bowl soften cream cheese and cheddar cheese for 30 seconds
Mix and spread onto each individual jalapeño pepper chip
Toss into flour then egg wash and breadcrumbs
Lay on non-stick surface until you’ve made a big enough batch to deep fry
Fry at 365°F for 2 minutes
Fill a small dish of Mezzetta Homemade Style Marinara for dipping
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size 10 Chips
Calories 250
Total Fat 13g
Saturated 7g
Trans 0g
Cholesterol 30mg
Sodium 800mg
Total Carbs 10g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugars 3g
Protein 8g

Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

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