Maybe this is just the child in me, but I love to play with my food and by that I mean I love to create modern day homes on a large scale with chicken nuggets.
This recipe was inspired by our good friend Alex Marx who said, “why don’t you make a gingerbread house out of chicken nuggets” in which I replied “yes”.

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Junk Food House
53,361 Calories Per Serving

Prep: 2 Hours
Build: 5 Hours
• Pairing Knife:
• Chef Knife:
• Foam Board
• Tooth Picks

• 90 Ramen Noodle Bricks
• 1 Family Size French Fries Bag
• 15 Tater Tots
• 12 Taquitos
• 60 Slices Microwave Bacon
• 4 Slices Thick Cut Bacon
• 5 Cans Cheez Whiz
• 1 Large Bag of Combos
• 2 Cheeseburgers
• 9 Chicken Fries
• 40 Chicken Nuggets
• 30 Cheez-it Crackers
• 5 Onion Rings
• 20 Mini Meatballs
• 1/4 Pepperoni Stick
• 3 Thin Crust Pizza Doughs
• 6 Tbsp Grated Cheese (snow)
• 1 Slim Jim
• 1/2 Totinos Pizza


1.) Get a big foam board. The reason we chose this was because it works well as a base you can stab into with toothpicks.

2.) Lay down your foundation with flat bread pizza crust. We draw out the blueprint before hand to get an idea of the area we need. Secure foundation with toothpicks and then snip the ends off after.

3.) Build the house portion with ramen bricks. Secure together with cheez whiz. Use as many as necessary to build the structure you want.

4.) For the exterior of the house we used a chicken nugget cut in half, french fries and pepperoni slices.

5.) You can be as creative as you want at this point, but the essence of this creation is the foundation of ramen bricks, flat bread and foam board.

Have fun, be safe and eat HellthyJunkFood

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size 1 House
Calories 53,361
Total Fat 2,402g
Saturated 1,041g
Trans 1g
Cholesterol 1,958mg
Sodium 83,793mg
Total Carbs 6,512g
Dietary Fiber 286g
Sugars 494g
Protein 1,525g

Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

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