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If you are going back to college this fall, here is a workout you can do using just your text books!  

Now you have no excuse not to get in your 3-5 days of fitness.  

You also have a reason to use your books if you’re not big on “going to class.”  This college workout is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have gym equipment or hates the gym.  Since the weight of your text book may not be as heavy as it should be if you were at the gym, the number of reps has been inflated to reflect the lower weight.  

Warm Up: Jumping Jacks – 1 minute,
High Knees – 20 seconds
Butt Kicks – 20 seconds,
Rest 20 seconds and repeat.
Bicep Curl w/ Text Book – 20 reps
Deadlift – 20 reps
Bent Over Row – 20 reps
Side Lunge with Front Raise – 20 reps on same leg, switch legs and repeat.
Squat with Overhead Press – 20 reps I do a front raise of this in the video but changed it for this post 🙂
Ab Series Plank – 20 seconds
Plank Oblique lift – 2 on each side
Plank – 10 seconds
Hover Jacks – 20 seconds
Frog Crunch – 4 reps on each side
Do all moves in order, rest 2 minutes and repeat 2-4 more times.  

For instructions on each move, watch the video!

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