What’s up guys – here today to share with you my top 5 tips to boost your natural HGH (human growth hormone) levels without resorting to expensive injection treatments, oral supplements or topical creams…

Human growth hormone is believed to be the fuel for physique change. It is the hormone that’s the main driver of tissue growth. Other benefits include deeper sleep, heightened energy, fat mass reduction, stronger bones, and increased sex drive.

HGH continues to support our tissues as we age, but levels top out from ages 21 to 30, then slowly taper off as we continue to age but with my top 5 lifestyle tips, you can safely and legally continue to promote elevated HGH levels to support your internal and external health.

TIP 4: Start doing HIIT
HGH can be released as a result of high-intensity interval training.

Your body will produce HGH during the short, active rest in between fast and hard bursts of cardio.

Working out hard in 30-second intervals, breaking a sweat, and running short of breath is the easiest way to trigger HGH production.

TIP 3: Eat smaller meals
Smaller, balanced meal portions will keep you full, satisfied and your blood sugar levels regulated – the ideal condition for building lean muscle mass.

Make sure your portioned meals include lower-glycemic carbs to enforce stable blood sugar levels because high blood sugar inhibits HGH release and greatly promotes fat storage

TIP 2: Avoid sugar
When we consume sugar, our body releases a spike of insulin: High insulin equals low HGH

Stay away from consuming high-glycemic foods, especially two hours before nightly sleep. The resulting insulin spike will slow and even STOP your body’s natural release of elevated HGH levels – leading to added fat tissue and slowed muscle recovery.

Sleep is critical in getting great results because your body releases the most growth hormone at night. (This is also when the body repairs itself and builds muscle.) If you skimp on the sleep, however, you’ll shortchange the amount of GH your body produces, which limits your muscle growth. In young adults, a lack of sleep can even stunt growth.
Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night. Also, the earlier, the better